Environmental Stewardship

ECOSS’ environmental stewardship programs connect immigrant and refugee communities with opportunities to learn about and restore the forested parklands in the greater Seattle area.

Green Seattle Partnership

ECOSS’ work and collaboration with GSP supports the restoration of forested parklands, specifically a site at Seward Park, and creates opportunities for communities to engage with restoration work.

Transit to Nature

ECOSS’ Transit to Nature programming is a collaboration with King County Metro and King County Parks that aims to get communities outdoors via accessible public transportation options.

Clean Water

Stormwater pollution affects the health of our communities and wildlife in the Duwamish Valley. Mitigation strategies such as rain gardens, cisterns, bioswales, and more exist to help heal our waterways.


ECOSS and Equinox Studios joined forces to develop a first of-its-kind, large-scale industrial GSI demonstration site.


ECOSS’ role in this project is to support customers with different language needs and match them with contractors of similar background and language capacity. We are here to support immigrant, refugee RainWise eligible homeowners at every step of the process: from finding a contractor to submitting their rebate paperwork.

Energy and Transit

The two largest sources of carbon emissions in Seattle are transportation and buildings. Learn about ECOSS’ work in connecting communities to resources for vehicle and building electrification.

Energize! Heat Pumps Pilot Program

ECOSS has partnered with King County, Spark Northwest, and Emerald Cities Collaborative to install heat pumps in up to 120 homes across the Skyway/West Hill and White Center/North Highline neighborhoods of Seattle.

Clean Energy

The two largest sources of carbon emissions in Seattle are transportation and buildings. ECOSS connects diverse communities with clean energy solutions.

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste programming connects communities to resources about composting, waste prevention, and how to properly sort and dispose of waste.

Solid Waste Management

ECOSS helps underserved businesses and multifamily residences build recycling and composting capacity via technical assistance and multicultural outreach.

Past Programming

Burien Water Pollution & Multicultural Engagement

The goal of this project was to reach previously underserved immigrant communities in Burien and provide education on water pollution. ECOSS developed a plan to provide environmental education to youth […]

New Arrivals Program

ECOSS bridges knowledge and cultural gaps refugees and immigrants face in their new home. This program helps build environmental literacy and leadership through environmental education and experiences.

Industrial Stormwater Education

ECOSS helps navigate the challenges of permit compliance and provides tools and techniques to improve site discharge through our industrial stormwater workshops.


ECOSS assists property owners in the redevelopment of potentially contaminated properties.

Municipal Stormwater Training

ECOSS understands the financial and workforce challenges facing municipalities in adopting ever-increasing regulatory requirements and offers practical stormwater solutions.

Puget Sound Spill Kit Program

ECOSS’ Puget Sound Spill Kit program saves businesses money, reduces their liability and helps keep our waters clean by preventing pollution problems before they start.