ECOSS assists property owners in the redevelopment of potentially contaminated properties.

Brownfield Assistance

Brownfields are underused properties because of environmental contamination (or potential contamination) from past industrial or commercial practices. Often, these properties are not cleaned up, abandoned and become neighborhood eyesores.

Since 1999, ECOSS has assisted hundreds of small businesses, homeowners, and communities with information and guidance on dealing with soil and groundwater contamination issues.

  • Research of historical land use and potential site contamination
  • Analysis and summary of technical reports in non-technical language
  • Identifying technical and legal resources for contamination and cleanup assistance

Mini Inventory Program

ECOSS has completed nine inventories across the Puget Sound region to assist with community planning and infrastructure development.

These historical research reports identify former gas stations, dry cleaners, auto wrecking yards, etc. that may have created or contributed to soil and groundwater contamination.

“To me, ECOSS is an angel because I would have never known what to do. I was so depressed [about the discovery of contamination] and couldn’t sleep at night”

Ms. Despi, Delite Bakery

Read the success story.


ECOSS has partnered with the King County Brownfields Program since 1998.