This program is a collaboration of the City of Seattle, Seattle Parks & Recreation, nonprofits, schools, businesses, and more all joining together with the goal of restoring Seattle’s forested parklands. Back in 2004, the Green Seattle Partnership (GSP) was started with the original mission of restoring 2,500 acres by 2025, and since then the program has evolved significantly over time, expanding the boundaries of restoration to be more inclusive and representative of BIPOC communities, and ensure a holistic approach to caring for our parklands. 

ECOSS’ work and collaboration with GSP supports the restoration of forested parklands, specifically a site at Seward Park, and creates opportunities for communities to engage with restoration work. Typically, two ECOSS-led events are hosted with GSP each year to teach the community about various methods of habitat restoration and give them hands-on experience doing this type of work. Some examples of past events include removing blackberry bushes, reintroducing native species, or learning about the function of mulch and compost. ECOSS also supports GSP by advising on how to create more representative and welcoming resources for all communities to access, through various means of digital and physical engagement. 

Under the tutelage of Lisa Ciecko from Seattle Parks and Rec, GSP has expanded its partnerships to be more representative of the various indigenous, black, people of color, immigrant, and refugee communities that live in this region. This effort has helped the various GSP events, programming, and resources to include more entry points for communities learn, explore, and steward more of their urban green spaces. 

This work builds upon ECOSS’ previous New Arrivals program started by Allan Kafley which paved the way for building the relationship between communities and opportunities to care for and learn about the land.