ECOSS Stormwater E-Learning Opportunities

In response to the Washington State COVID-19 Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, ECOSS is moving its stormwater training classes to an online webinar platform for an unknown period of time.  We believe this will help you accommodate your program’s training needs.  These classes support Industrial Stormwater General Permit managers and support staff, and help meet Municipal staff training requirements for the Phase I and II NPDES Stormwater permits.

Industrial Stormwater General Permit Webinar Workshops:

Stormwater 100: Basic Building Blocks of the Industrial Stormwater Permit Pre-recorded webinar coming soon: FREE! 

Are you new to the Industrial Stormwater General Permit? Do you have questions about your next steps? This course provides a brief and very high level overview of the basics of stormwater management.

Session 1 – The 2020 ISG Permit & How to Create a SWPPP                              Pre-Recorded Webinar: $100

Workshop content includes: The 2020 Industrial Stormwater General Permit, its new requirements, and the basics of creating a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Session 2 – Sampling, Labs and Reporting                                                                Pre-Recorded Webinar: $100

Workshops content includes: Selecting a representative sample location; proper sampling technique; how to choose a lab partner and read sampling results; and requirements for reporting discharge monitoring reports (DMR)

Session 3 – Spill Prevention and BMPs                                                                    Pre-Recorded Webinar: $100

Workshop content includes: Spill prevention, control and response; staff training; and operational, structural and treatment Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help meet permit requirements

Session 4 – Responding to Level 3 Actions and Lawsuits                                    Pre-Recorded Webinar: $100

Workshop content includes: What to do when you have a Level 3 Action requirement; Making the Data Work for You; Managing a Lawsuit; and the Principles of Advanced Treatment

We recognize these are challenging economic times, so for this initial period we are charging $100 per session and $350 for all 4 sessions. Please contact if you need more information or for assistance with registration.


Municipal Stormwater Training Live Webinar Classes:

(Click on Class Title Below for Course Description)

201 IDDE Inspections                                                                                                       Coming Soon!

205 Spill Control and Response                                                                                     Coming Soon!

101 Municipal Stormwater Program Overview                                                           Coming Soon!

202 Private/Public Stormwater Infrastructure Inspection & Maintenance           Coming Soon!

103 Stormwater Regulations Overview                                                                        Coming Soon!

We recognize these are challenging economic times, so for this initial period we are charging $125 per session, a savings of $25 per class.


If you would like to register a large number of staff at a reduced price, please contact Ann Boyce at or 206-767-0432 ext. 1004 to discuss price break options.