Course Description:

A major aspect of a municipal stormwater program is public and private stormwater infrastructure inspection. This course provides a broad overview of considerations necessary to perform these activities. Each jurisdiction may have a different way to maintain stormwater infrastructure, and a goal of this program is to create a platform for discussion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Key elements to private system action and source control
  • Permit requirements
  • Legacy contaminants
  • Potential sources of contamination that need to be controlled
  • Municipal Stormwater Management Programs (SWMP) and its requirements
  • Inspection components and results
  • BMPs maintenance inspections
  • LID features
  • Program incentives and tools

Suggested Prerequisites: 101 – MS4 NPDES Permit Overview OR 103 Stormwater Regulations Overview. Basic understanding of stormwater.

Length: 2.5 hrs

Cost: $150

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