In case you missed our exciting news, we have a new executive director. Cluny McCaffrey is only the third executive director in our 23-year history and she recognizes the impact of her predecessors.


“Stepping into the role of ECOSS executive director, I am aware of the big shoes I have to fill,” said McCaffrey after sitting down with Charlie Cunniff, ECOSS’ first executive director and one of our founders (pictured above with Cluny).

There aren’t many people who don’t know (and love) Charlie. He built a solid foundation for this organization, which was then carried forward by Kevin Burrell. Kevin’s leadership further strengthened and expanded our services to diverse communities and businesses.

Today, as we look toward ECOSS’ future, the staff and board are committed to growing ECOSS, building and strengthening our programs, expanding our outreach into multicultural communities and engaging more people in our mission’s work.