ECOSS is powered by a group of talented individuals working to bring sustainable solutions to all and making our world a cleaner and healthier place.

We are thankful for every person on our team and we’d like to shine the spotlight on the people behind ECOSS and the work we do. Instead of asking our staff for cliff notes of their life story, we asked them five questions (think “Inside the Actor’s Studio”).

First up, Courtney Maheras, Administrative Associate aka “Jill of All Trades”.

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In one sentence, describe your work at ECOSS.

I work on Accounts Payable & Receivable, coordinate supplies, and generally help with whatever needs doing around the office.

What is your favorite noise or sound?  

 Ice cracking beneath my shoes in the winter!

What is your least favorite noise or sound? 

Steely Dan.  (Sorry, I understand that answer might be controversial.)

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

A really good homemade chicken pot pie.

Do you have a sustainable solution you practice daily? 

At our house, we’ve replaced clean-up sprays like 409 or bleach spray with a mixture of biodegradable castile soap, vinegar, and water.  We’ve also switched from disposable cleaning wipes to rags saturated in castile soap and water.  It’s much cheaper, we’re not exposing our skin to so many chemicals, and there’s nothing to throw away! 

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