Last year when I was looking for a change in jobs, I knew I wanted to get back into the non-profit world because I found more meaning in my day when I could connect all the tasks—even the mundane—to a purpose other than making some money for myself (and even more money for a handful of people at the top of the food chain). I didn’t and still don’t subscribe to the idea that for-profit means evil, or that businesses are anything but groups of people trying to do their best.

That’s what impressed me the most about ECOSS – the underlying assumption upon which the organization was founded is that everyone is trying their best already, and given the right conditions (awareness, resources, and assistance), businesses, residents, and communities would make choices with positive environmental impacts. Combining the belief in the capabilities, willingness, and conscience of the people in Puget Sound with the intent to promote ecologically sustainable results through direct, hands-on services for citizens and businesses is what allows ECOSS to achieve the greatest results, and I wanted to be a part of that team. ECOSS has unlocked the secret to creating a healthier, sustainable Puget Sound region—partnership.

Unlike other organizations, we assume that we’re all on the same side. This shows up in our commitment to free, confidential assistance for all our clients, and in our ongoing efforts to provide health and environmental programming for underserved and ESL populations. Many other environmental non-profits are fighting against something or someone; we believe that the best way to harness the energy we need to make real change is through a collective effort fighting FOR a healthy community, environment, and economy. After all, if we don’t all win in this game called life on earth, then don’t we all lose?

Why I joined ECOSS