ECOSS’ Brownfield’s expert Emery Bayley, and the King County Brownfields Program managed by Lucy Auster, helped artists John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler in their quest to find a clean canvas to build a new Georgetown landmark. SuttonBeresCuller spent months looking for an abandoned gas station that they could reclaim and turn into a Mini-Mart Park.


With Emery’s assistance, they found the old Perovich Gas Station on Ellis Street, a site with soil and groundwater contamination from leaking underground storage tanks. According to Brendan Kiley in ARCADE Journal, “the project, Mini Mart City Park, will be a building that is a park and a park that is a building, as well as a restoration project, a community center and a contained, three-dimensional object…” The King County Brownfields Program, which is funded by grants from EPA, conducted Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on the site and is supporting further assessment from the EPA’s Targeted Brownfield Assessment program so the project can keep moving forward. Learn more about the project on their website.


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