For those of us fortunate enough to live in South Seattle, there is a familiar shared smile in conversations put on pause by the roar of planes overhead, on their way to/from Boeing Field or SeaTac. And this often happens indoors, since many of the buildings in our end of town are old and don’t provide much in the way of insulation from the noise. This time of year, especially.

For those of us who do not revel in the sonic booms common during the height of Seafair, there is hope, brought to our attention by the folks at Blogging Georgetown.

Turns out that an architectural and sound mitigation company got the contract from King County to continue the installation of sound proof windows, sound dampening insulation, and other items, to cut down on the noise from old Boeing Field. As it turns out, the program is free.

Plane over Georgetown
Photo by Slightlynorth

The best part about the program for those in the boundaries? Windows and doors designed to keep out the noise also offer improved weatherization for your home – meaning you can cut your utility bills AND your Tylenol bills, all for free. For more information, check out the FAQ and the Noise Mitigation Boundary map site from King County.


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