I just finished up a meeting with the other SBC’s and I am excited about some potential projects we’re working on for the coming year. Today we were brainstorming some ideas around workshops/lunch & learns/info sessions we might put on to serve our diverse audience. While the project is still very much in its infancy, I was pretty energized about some of the topics we kicked around as a team, and I am looking forward to getting some feedback from a few of our contacts about what they might like to be a part of. We’re (as a team) looking for input to see what, if anything, our clients and partner organizations might be interested in attending, and, on top of that, what qualities make these sorts of events more enticing (for example, length, time of day, location, topic, format, and all that jazz). If you have any ideas we might be able to add to these early discussions, please send them our way! I can’t make any promises about if or when these will happen, but I’m hoping we will be able to get everything to fall into place. If we can, it would mean an extension of our offerings to clients and partners and potentially a small addition to the many great workshops and events already offered across the region.

Aldan and Todd, ECOSS Sustainable Business Coordinators

Aldan and Todd, Two ECOSS Sustainable Business Coordinators

-Audrey Chestnutt

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