Do you know the human impact your support of ECOSS has?

Allan arrived here after living in a plastic hut in a refugee camp in Nepal from the age of 2 to 18. He and his family, and thousands of others, were driven from Bhutan after the country implemented a “One Nation, One People” policy in the 1990s.


Generous donations made it possible for ECOSS to hire Allan. He helped design the New Arrivals program so we could better understand the refugee community’s interest in the environment, engage them on real issues and encourage them to experience, connect with, and enjoy their new home in Washington.

Your donations fuel outreach for other immigrant communities and promote environmental awareness and responsibility.

There’s never been a more urgent time to reach out and connect with other people – to help bridge gaps in language, culture, knowledge and experience –that is what ECOSS does best.

Thank you for your generosity and joining our work to connect with people and create a healthier environment for us all.