Board Update 2019 Blog

ECOSS welcomed four new members to the Board in 2018!

  • Hazel Roos
  • Bruce Jones
  • Tiffany Volosin
  • Kim Brackett

ECOSS staff and board members celebrating the holidays. Photo Credit: ECOSS.

They bring an extensive array of expertise to the Board and are already helping to grow and strengthen the organization. For example, Hazel and Tiffany have revamped our accounting system, which is advancing the organization’s efficiency while saving time and money. Bruce brings a wealth of business and nonprofit experience to the Board. He previously served as a Lead Partner and liaison between ECOSS and Social Venture Partners. Kim is a health care consultant who works with nonprofit organizations and a former City of Bainbridge Island council member.

Additionally, ECOSS welcomes a new Board President, Katie Moxley! She succeeds Matt Woltman, who has been on the Board since 2010 and served as board president for the last five years. As he steps aside for Katie’s leadership, he turns his attention to donor engagement.

Thanks Matt for leading the ECOSS Board of Directors for the last five years! Photo Credit: Matt Woltman.

“Reflecting on the last 10 years as an ECOSS Board member and past five years as Board President, I continue to be impressed by the diversity of work and programs this nonprofit organization provides. From their ability to communicate with multicultural communities about environmental topics at home and around their neighborhoods to their key role in spreading environmental awareness within the industrial sector, I am incredibly proud of ECOSS and proud to serve on their Board. I look forward to many more great things to come!” — Matt Woltman

Katie joined the Board in 2016 and in her new role, is excited to engage around all of ECOSS’ programs, including New Arrivals, transportation outreach, and stormwater outreach and education, especially in light of upcoming permit changes.

Katie Moxley is the new President for ECOSS’ Board of Directors. Photo Credit: Katie Moxley.

“I’m excited for this next opportunity to support ECOSS and our Board!  As Board President and Chair, I’m most looking forward to continuing to develop and engage the Board, and together, supporting ECOSS’ strategic planning activities to ensure the organization is focused on the right things in support of delivering its important mission.  I’m also eager to help develop new and existing relationships between ECOSS, community partners and donors.” – Katie Moxley

The ECOSS Board is composed of dedicated professionals, who in many cases have given their time and financial support to ECOSS for many years. A Board of Directors is a delicate balance of people who bring vital resources to an organization – program expertise, professional services, financial support, access to wealth and networks, customer perspectives, credibility and hours of support, to name a few. But boards are not static, nor are they meant to be. As board members roll off, they are committed to making the future board a better reflection of those we serve. Our staff and our communities represent multitudes of ethnicities, countries of origin, ages, economics and skill sets. Board members are working to shape the board to reflect that.

Thank you Matt for your many years of service as Board President, thank you Katie for taking on the mantle, and thank you to the new board members for joining us. We look forward to everyone’s continual contributions to furthering ECOSS as an organization!

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