…At least in LA/Orange County. I’m not mpoving anytime soon, so I’m not sure why this was on my mind; maybe it was the fact that as I was coming to work this morning, I was gobsmacked at the diesel truck next to me pulling two trailers of flattened cardboard boxes. Rent A Green Box is a company that provides post-consumer recycled products that are designed to green your moving day from top to bottom. They offer everything you need, including plastic tubs (aka recopacks) in three different sizes, recycled alternatives for packing peanuts, bags and even plastic pallets. The best part – they’ll drop them off and pick them up for you in their 100% veggie-biofuel trucks. No need to buy new, beg from friends, no tape required or worries about boxes ripping or falling apart mid-move, getting soaked in something that makes recycling questionable, or having to worry about a mishmash of sizes that defy stacking!


The only question – when will someone franchise this in the PNW??? There are other services like RentACrate who serve more locations and offer more services overall (mostly for business customers), but they might take a cue from the comprehensive, top-to-bottom strategy that Rent A Green Box has taken.


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  1. Hi!

    We have over 1,200 applications for franchising my concept and yes we have a list of PNW eager to start.

    We have been at this for over 5 years and in that time, we have learned that we are looking for the right people to be part of our long term growth and national roll-out!

    Thanks for the cool posting!

    Sincerely Green,

    Spencer Brown
    founder and owner of Rent-A-Green Box

  2. Spencer,
    No problem — let us know when the Seattle group opens its doors!
    In the meantime, I’ll just keep lending my big plastic tubs to friends who are moving and let them know that services like yours are available 🙂

  3. in case folks can’t wait for these awesome guys, there is a newly arrived company here in Seattle offering similar services now – they’re called Frogbox – and they donate 1% to frog habitat restoration. that’s pretty cool.

  4. It is great to see something like this in Seattle! It looks like the only difference between this company and Rent-A-Green-Box is that they don’t move the boxes for you.

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