I shouldn’ta said anything before. I’ve been hearing all these excited whispers among the young-whipper snappers, and I pulled the ole paper-jam trick until one of them would tell me what’s goin’ on.

Well I’ll tell ya, I couldn’t have been more upset. These dern kids found a way to force me into early retirement. Looks like the folks over at SeaPort Petroleum used the inter-web to find out that I’m getting long in the tooth, and chose to make an in-kind donation to these yahoos so they could throw me out in the street, along with my friend the fax machine. Okay okay, so I might be exaggerating, since now they are talking about eCycling me, whatever that means.

So thanks a lot, SeaPort Petroleum. Just because you have the first blended biodiesel pump in the NW, you think you and these environment-lovin’, sustainability-promotin’, greenophiles are going to join forces to make positive environmental change? NOT ON MY WATCH!

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