Yesterday we hosted our third installment of ECOSSolutions, our free series of information sessions geared toward providing straight answers to common environmental questions. The topic for this session was the new Industrial Stormwater General Permit. Nathan Graves and Ross Dunning of Kennedy-Jenks Consulting gave a presentation on many of the technical and practical changes to the permit. I got the sense that Nathan and Ross were cutting through the complexities of the permit, translating the difficult wording into more understandable concepts. Honestly, most of it was still over my head, but Alex, one of ECOSS’ stormwater guys, and all of the business owners and managers in attendance were nodding their heads during the presentation, which makes me think the translation was making plenty of sense to them. Alex says that presentations like these are usually given at conferences with expensive admission fees, so the fact that Kennedy-Jenks provided this service through our free information series was significant. Turnout wasn’t as high as we had hoped, as a number of the RSVPs we got didn’t show up, but those who attended said they were glad they came and found the presentation very helpful.

This was the last ECOSSolutions session for this year, but based on the success of these first three meetings we plan to keep it going for next year. Thanks again to the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development for providing funding to make these sessions possible and free for attendees. Stay tuned for upcoming session announcements, and if you have a topic you’d like us to cover, send me an email any time at We’ll add your idea to our running list of topics for future meetings.


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