Want to make your business more sustainable but don’t know where to start? ECOSS is here to help.

ECOSS, The Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center and EnterpriseSeattle are partnering to create a workshop that is aimed at industrial businesses to help incorporate sustainability into their business plans. This workshop will help evaluate, design, and implement sustainable practices within your business operations. We’ll hear from experts and industry leaders on how to create, update or revamp your business plan to stay competitive and proactive. To register for this FREE Sept. 20th 2011 workshop click here.

Visit our website to learn more. To learn more about the impact your business has on the environment fill out a CO2 impact worksheet and sign a CO2 reduction pledge.

P.S. Check out ECOSS staff member Bill Pease in a Seattle Times article on Seattle’s South Park: http://bit.ly/r0nIUo