Hi everyone! It’s the intern, and I have a story about container gardening. Especially for those of us who live in urban areas, gardening space might be limited. A container garden can help solve this problem. A variety of fresh food can be grown in a container garden- herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc. It can be a great option for those of us with little space, and a desire to grow something fresh.

However, this is a story about my container garden. My roommate and I started out with something simple. Just some herbs, a tomato plant, some green peppers, and a little kale. We had visions of fresh cilantro and home-grown tomatoes into pico de gallo and kale chips with our own kale. We were so excited to sample the bounty of our garden. There was only one problem- even a container garden needs to be watered. It turns out that neither of us was very good at remembering to water our containers. As the summer heated up, our plants got drier and drier. Eventually, we had to admit defeat. We killed our container garden. No crisp green peppers, no mojitos with fresh mint.

Even after my first failure, I am still excited about container gardens. I think before my next foray into gardening, I am going to do a little more research and preparation.

If you want a more successful container garden than mine, here are some good resources:




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  1. I’m thinking self-watering containers may be your ticket to those minty mojitos. You do have to water them, but not nearly as often.

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