Today the heat in the office was unbearable, so Aldan and I decided to dive headfirst into the refrigerator. As it turned out there wasn’t enough room for both of us, see I’m slightly larger than Aldan. Not by much, but enough to make a difference when it comes to things like lifting heavy stuff, playing basketball, and squeezing into cool, confined spaces.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t refresh ourselves due to the crowding of well aged ‘edible’ items like 20 lbs of 1 year old halibut. This was it. We had met our breaking point.

For a year now, it has been an ongoing struggle to fit our lunch into a refrigerator using a crowbar, so Aldan and I grabbed items that we recognized from when we were hired, carried what we could (I was able to carry a little more than him), and made our way to the compost bin.

Here’s what happened next:



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  1. that’s disgusting, but I love the blog and Elise call for volunteers on the SP listserv. Go ECOSS!

  2. Todd, I cannot believe you did that bare-handed. Also, I’m glad I stayed in the office while you were out there.

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