It seems like the word “transition” has become the default word for describing yet another year under a global pandemic and developing new ways of working together. ECOSS is no exception as the organization has encountered all kinds of transitions during 2021. The biggest transition for ECOSS has been in its amazing staff — almost an entirely new team from 2020. Only one third of current staff have been with ECOSS for over a year and considered “older staff”!  

Although we are excited to see ECOSS alumni move on to pursue their passion for the environment and community engagement somewhere else, nostalgia can still creep in as the team changes so much in such a short period of time. However, ECOSS is incredibly proud that so many staff alumni continue to work for established partners and keep in touch long after they have left the organization.  

ECOSS values community building not just in the field as we bring diverse communities together to take climate action, but also internally to build community as a multicultural organization. That is why ECOSS also embraces transitions, and are thrilled of the new cohort of staff hired in 2021. So far, five outreach coordinators, an office manager, an administrative assistant, an interim Program Director, an interim Executive Director, and three project managers have joined the ECOSS family in 2021, on top of internal staff promotions.  New skills, community connections and shifts in ECOSS’ culture have been some of the many highlights of onboarding new staff.  

As the year comes to an end and ECOSS makes space to celebrate all these new transitions, we are also looking towards the future as we embark on new projects and strengthen our impact through existing projects. ECOSS is invested not only in the sustainability of local natural resources, but also the sustainability of our communities and team members.  

ECOSS has a new face, yet the passion for environmental justice and serving marginalized communities remains the same.