Stormwater permit compliance requirements for business properties which discharge directly or indirectly into an impaired and threated waterbody (e.g. stream/river segments and lakes) are different than for other businesses. These waterbodies are also known as 303(d) listed waterbodies.

ECOSS is teaming up with the Washington Stormwater Center to bring you a free presentation to hear several stormwater permitted businesses share their stories of struggle and success while achieving permit compliance.  

Listen to three stormwater permit managers from different industries share their tales of pain, process, and perseverance while meeting their stormwater management obligations. 

Bring your lunch and learn along with other businesses across the state. This program is for permittees struggling to meet their permit requirements, and consultants 

On June 16, 2021 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, the following types of businesses will share their stories:

  • Plating Services
  • Petroleum Products Delivery
  • Marine Terminal Services

Topics include:

  • Presentation for ISGP permittees struggling with meeting their permit requirements
  • Receiving an NOI – what to do and not to do 
  • Deciding next steps 
  • Lessons learned 

You will also be able to ask questions of the presenters at the end of each presentation.

Disclaimer:  This presentation will not offer legal advice. We are here as an educational resource to help you better understand how to respond when you receive a Notice of Intent (NOI) or are struggling meeting your stormwater permit. We are not guaranteeing compliance with your attendance at this presentation. Each of you will have different issues to address at each unique site.