Kent recycling makes tons of difference

Blue bins are now practically synonymous with recycling. Many know that soda cans and old newspapers go into recycling bins, destined to become other useful products.

But what about old electronics? Emptied propane tanks? Scrap metal leftover from a home project? These and many other materials can be recycled too, though often not as easily. Since 2016, ECOSS has worked with the City of Kent to help King County residents recycle less-common items such as refrigerators, concrete, tires and mattresses.

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In 2018, we helped with three free community recycling events, which collectively welcomed over 4,000 vehicles full of recyclables. The events altogether collected over 3,000 toilets, mattresses and other individual items plus over 300 tons of material like scrap metal, bulky wood debris and concrete!

ECOSS strives to make environmentally sustainable practices accessible to all. Many people are interested in reducing their environmental impact. We empower people to act on those interests and to let others know how they can make a difference, too.

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Kent Recycles Collection Event

Collection events are opportunities for Kent and King County residents to dispose of recyclable household items that are not normally accepted for routine curbside pickup.

On October 20, go to Hogan Park to recycle mattresses, appliances, toilets/sinks, scrap metal, propane tanks, concrete/asphalt/rocks/brick, household batteries, styrofoam, e-waste, cardboard and reusable household goods.

The last two collections events kept almost 400,000 pounds of recyclable and reusable materials out of the landfill trash!

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