Luis Santisteban

Multicultural Outreach Coordinator

Luis joined ECOSS in 2022 as a Multicultural Outreach Coordinator, serving the Latinx community through outreach and engagement. He speaks Spanish, and English, and has a strong connection to the Hispanic communities in the Seattle area. His education focuses on humanistic sciences and ongoing social issues of the United States and how minorities have long suffered oppression and injustices through race, gender, age, ability, sexuality, etc. With his language capacity and experience working as a teacher and assistant manager, he has firsthand knowledge of the unique relationship between the Latino community and the environment, as well as the ways in which that relationship can be improved. He provides translation and transcreation of materials to the Latinx community, as well as education, assistance, and support to underserved and underrepresented communities that may not have the same access otherwise.

At ECOSS, he works as part of the Zero Food Waste project team by providing technical assistance, multifamily education, and outreach to Seattle residents, with a focus on residents who are linguistically isolated and unfamiliar with waste sorting methods. His other projects include outreach for Transportation Electrification Phase II (Seattle City Light), West Seattle High Rise Bridge (Seattle Department of Transportation), and Side Sewers Education and Loan pilot program for Seattle Public Utilities.

His favorite foods are Guatemalan tamales, and Kak’ik, which is a soup made from a type of turkey called “chompipe”. It is a food of pre-Hispanic origin; the name is of Mayan origin.