Translating Sustainability

Sony Sewing wanted to improve worker safety, environmental practices and needed help with Vietnamese translation. ECOSS contacted Sony as part of the Grow Seattle program and provided a variety of environmental, health and safety services.

How ECOSS helped:

  • Provided spill response training in Vietnamese for workers most
    likely to deal with on-site spills, included in the training were a free spill kit and
    spill prevention and cleanup plan
  • Connected Sony Sewing to a foam recycling company to reduce waste                         and a voucher program to help pay for a new ventilation system near                           fume prone shop areas
  • Staff received basic first aid training by ECOSS business member,                             Foss Maritime with ECOSS staff providing translation

Empowered with Sustainable Practices

  • Sony Sewing is prepared to respond to a spill and prevent pollution; their
    site discharge is connected directly to the Duwamish River
  • Working to recycle foam scraps with polyurethane to
    reduce garbage waste and save roughly $1,400 a year
  • Installed a new ventilation system near their foam cutter to help
    protect worker health

The Grow Seattle program is now the City of Seattle Green Business Assistance program.

New ventilation system to help reduce fumes.

Sony Sewing’s new ventilation system to reduce fumes.