ECOSS spill kit program saves businesses money, reduces liability and avoids pollution problems before they start.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Many drains from businesses flow directly into a local waterway. If there’s a spill, it’s the business’ responsibility to clean it up. ECOSS provides free spill kits, custom spill plans and training so businesses know how to quickly deal with potentially toxic runoff.

Getting Results

ECOSS prepares more than 1,000 businesses every year on how to deal with spills:

  • Delivered spill kits to over 6,300 businesses in 37 cities
  • Provided spill response training in multiple languages
  • 30% of all participating businesses are owned or operated by limited-English speakers
  • Spill kit training is offered in more than a dozen languages including Korean, Vietnamese, Amharic, Spanish, Mandarin and Somali

Saving Money & Preventing Pollution

  • About half of all businesses will have a spill at some point and cleanup costs average $2,700 per incident and fines can exceed $10,000
  • Data shows reduced pollution flowing into Puget Sound and other                          waterways from spill kit trained businesses
  • After training, 78% of businesses served have adopted spill prevention practices
  • Before training, only 6% of surveyed businesses had a written spill plan. As of 2015, 83% of surveyed businesses had adopted a spill plan

“Our staff are prepared to respond to a spill and understands the importance of protecting our local waterways.” Michael Nguyen, Sony Sewing owner

Read how Sony Sewing is protecting water quality.

ECOSS and Seattle Public Utilities developed the Puget Sound Spill Kit program together in 2006. It is generously supported by:

King Conservation District

King County Wastewater Treatment Division

The Boeing Company