ECOSS offers practical training and solutions for municipalities facing ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Municipal Stormwater Education

Courses are designed for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) staff and other personnel who directly and indirectly influence program success and water quality.

  • Stormwater experts deliver innovative and professional classes ranging from two hours to two days, depending on the topic
  • Classes provide foundational content developed with input from 15 cities and counties, small to large, across the state
  • The base content can serve as a platform for each municipality to add their own jurisdictionally specific approaches to each subject area

Prepare Municipal Staff to:

  • Meet educational permit requirements
  • Elevate understanding of stormwater challenges from multiple viewpoints
  • Diversify existing knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Enhance municipal stormwater management programs

“helps different departments within a city connect the dots as to the impact their activities can have on stormwater ”

101 Municipal Stormwater Attendee

Municipal Stormwater Classes

100 Series: Basics Overview (The Why)

  • Stormwater basics and NPDES (National pollutant discharge Elimination System) overview
  • Current information on industry trends and the latest regulations

200 Series: Practical Application (The How & What)

  • Practical applications of best management practices for municipal programs
  • In-depth discussion on specific elements of municipal stormwater programs

300 Series: Certification Programs

  • Certification programs that may be required to perform certain activities in a stormwater program