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ECOSS offers practical training and solutions for municipalities facing ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Municipal Stormwater Education

These courses are designed for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) staff and other personnel who directly and indirectly influence a city’s stormwater program success.

  • Stormwater experts deliver innovative and professional classes ranging from two hours to two days, depending on the topic
  • Classes provide a foundation of content developed with input from a Steering Committee represented by 15 cities and counties, small to large, across Washington state
  • The base content serves as a platform for each municipality to add their own jurisdiction-specific approach to each subject area

Prepare Municipal Staff to:

  • Meet NPDES educational permit requirements for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and other staff
  • Discuss practical applications and operational considerations of stormwater management from multiple viewpoints
  • Diversify existing knowledge, skills and abilities of staff
  • Enhance municipal stormwater programs with improved communication and understanding of stormwater issues across all departments

How will this class help you?


“I think this class should be attended by all employees within a municipality.”


“Creating new or introducing new GIS functionality to increase maintenance, inspection, and stormwater issues awareness.”


“Greater awareness and ability to comply. Better able to explain to coworkers and policymakers.”


“I do public outreach. I will be able to communicate some of this information with the public.”


“It will help us develop internal roles/responsibilities across departments.”


“It will make me knowledgeable when it is time to change or implement municipal codes.”


Comments from Municipal Stormwater                              Training Class Attendees


Municipal Stormwater Classes

100 Series: Basics Overview (The Why)

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200 Series: Practical Application (The How & What)

*Class description soon

300 Series: Certification Programs

  • Certification programs that may be required to do certain activities in a stormwater program