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ECOSS delivers tools and techniques to help businesses navigate stormwater permit compliance.

Industrial Stormwater Education

Industrial Stormwater Workshops are offered for Washington State, and are designed to meet the needs of all levels of stormwater management, from just starting out, to seasoned stormwater professionals.

These professional workshops provide ideas and potential solutions for stormwater BMPs and sampling techniques to help you meet NPDES permit requirements, and allow you to ask tough questions in a confidential setting.

Classes are taught by local experts in compliance with Washington’s Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP).

Attend a Workshop

  • Get up-to-date on the current industrial regulations and permit requirements for WA State
  • Learn how to develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP),  Sampling Plan and spill response plans
  • Meet industry professionals and receive a solid foundation in Best Management Practice (BMP) ideas and resources for meeting tough stormwater challenges
  • Gain practical insight and techniques to use in a stormwater management program

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Stormwater 100: Basic Building Blocks of the Industrial Stormwater Permit

Are you new to the Industrial Stormwater General Permit? Do you have questions about your next steps?

This course provides a brief and very high level overview of the basics of stormwater management including:

  • The permit
  • What to include in a SWPPP
  • Facility assessment exercise
  • Spill response
  • Sampling
  • BMPs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Resources

This is a great class for people new to the permit.

Stormwater 101/101X: Stormwater Permit Management Fundamentals

  • This class takes a more in-depth look at permit requirements, including updates, SWPPP, spill response, BMPs, sampling, monitoring and reporting
  • Considerations for level of effort, decision making, and strategies to implement a cost effective and compliant program at your facility
  • Practical application of the permit language with support for developing a comprehensive stormwater management program
  • 101X: Two-day course  provides review of basic case studies and walking field exercise of an industrial facility

Stormwater 201: Advanced Stormwater Management

  • Examine State and Federal policy drivers, trends and other stakeholders that will influence your stormwater program today and in the future
  • Discuss lawsuits and their affect on decision making and financial impacts
  • Learn how to tackle difficult issues with case studies that provide examples of treatment and other practices to achieve compliance
  • This program assumes you have an understanding of the permit and fundamentals of a stormwater management program (101), but not necessary for attendance

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Washington Stormwater Center

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