Elizabeth Loudon – Associate Director

Where are you from?: I grew up mostly in Cincinnati but have been in Seattle since 1984.

What were you doing before you came to ECOSS?: I’ve been doing a variety of things which all seem to connect with the work I’m doing at ECOSS now. Most recently I’ve been learning about climate change and working at the UW Botanic Gardens where I oversaw communications and public education. Before that I worked at King County for several years on community outreach & grant projects related to salmon recovery and watershed protection, including a year on the Green-Duwamish Watershed Team. I’ve also worked as a naturalist at Carkeek Park, and ten years with non-profits–the Washington Toxics Coalition and Greenpeace in Seattle and Montreal, Canada. I have a masters in environmental studies and a bachelor’s degree in languages. I’m excited to use my Spanish here!

What do you do day-to-day at work?: I talk to a lot of people about projects; what we’re doing, how we’re going to do it, who we need to hire, and connecting with funders, partner organizations, and resources. I’m learning a lot!

What has been your favorite/most rewarding project to work on at ECOSS?: I have to say I’ve found all the projects rewarding so far–everything from the Powerful Neighborhoods program with a team helping people lower energy consumption; to the stormwater program’s efforts to promote technical training statewide; and the new project coming up to promote healthy food in South Park.

If you could change one thing about Seattle, what would it be?: Better mass transit systems and bike trails.

Favorite spot in South Park?: The ECOSS office, the waterfront park, and the Duwamish bike trail.

What do you like to do outside the office?: Play with my kids and enjoy the outdoors–bike, hike, swim, and garden.

Biggest goal for 2010?: Brush up on my Spanish so I’m fluent again. Learn to function using minimum paper. Get up to speed on everything ECOSS is doing and help ECOSS get better known for the great work they’re doing.

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